How to get the Best Deal on an AT&T Phone

This is clever. You can get an extra $120 to $200+ off most AT&T phones with a plan.

Here is how it works.

1) Register for free for (Free, no catch, and no spam).

2) Go to the AT&T Wireless Postpaid store. pays $70 cash back for AT&T Wireless phone purchases with a plan through the site. shares their commission with you.

3) Click through the $50 coupon link to go directly to the AT&T store, but make sure you are signed into DealKing. It will let you know.

4) Purchase nearly any phone with a plan. With the cash back and the $50 coupon link you are already up to $120.00 saved for 2 minutes of work.

5) There is more. Through 7/19/08 there is a rebate form that lists over 50 phones with additional rebates of up to $100. AT&T rebate form for a bunch of phones.

The rebate works for all of these phones:

$25 LG CG180

$20 Samsung A117


$150 PalmTreo 680NC

$10 Samsung A747 (SLM)

$20 Samsung A117
$10 Motorola Q9 Global
$150 PalmTreo 750
$10 SamsungA827 (Aces)
$50 Motorola RAZR2 V9
$150 PalmTreo 750NC
$10 SamsungBlackJack

$50 AT&T5700
$50 Motorola V365
$30 PantechC520 (Breeze)
$10 SamsungBlackJackI

$50 AT&T5700NC
$50 Motorola V3
$100 PantechDuo
$10 Sierra 875u+

$50 AT&T8525
$50 Motorola Z9
$50 RIM8820
$10 Sierra Aircard81+

$100 AT&T Tilt
$50 Nokia 655
$100 RIMCurve 8310
$10 Sierra AT&T USBConect81+

$100 AT&T Tilt NC
$10 OptionGTMAX 3.6+
$50 RIMPearl
$50 Sony EricssonW580i

$30 LG CE10
$10 OptionGTMAX 3.6Express+
$50 RIMPearl810
$50 Sony EricssonZ750

$50 LG CU515
$10 OptionGTUltra+
$30 Samsung A437

$75 LG CU720(Shine)
$10 OptionGTUltra Expres+
$50 Samsung A517

$100 LG CU915(Vu)
$10 Palm Centro
$50 Samsung A727

$100 LG CU920(VuTV)
$150 Palm Treo 680
$50 Samsung A737

Also you get an AT&T Go Phone – Prepaid – No Contract – FREE from

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