How many T shirts does Digg have to sell to make $2 billion?

July 14, 2008

Can selling T shirts, dating services, and astrology net you $2 Billion? It just might do the trick for the owners of

I like to check out the headlines on a few times a week. It is a cool site and based on its Alexa ranking of 109 has a ton of traffic. I even enjoy the ads because most are from companies like busted tees or snorg tees that have hot chicks wearing funny t shirts. Today, there was even an ad from an astrologer called, “Bethea” and even more hot chicks hawking the dating site “”. I had to refresh a ton to find an ad from what I would call a main stream advertiser.

I recently read that google may be talking to the owners of about acquiring them. They estimated the value of digg at $2 Billion. It would seem they would have to be selling a ton of T shirts to make the site so valuable. However, I have yet to see a person actually wearing one of those hilarious and often sexy BustedTee Shirts. Maybe it is just me.

For you accountants, I do realize they actually don’t sell the t shirts themselves and make money on the ads, but brother, they have to be selling something to be worth that.

Come On Down, the Sales Manager has gone Crazy

June 15, 2008

Growing up I used to love the new car commercials where the dealership sales manager had gone crazy. They would say things like, “Come on down to Four Brothers Chevrolet because the Sales Manager has gone CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY.” They had monkeys, bulls, and goats on site to show how crazy low their prices were.

After college and when I was working in NYC, there was even an electronics chain called, “CrazyEddies“. You knew they had crazy low prices because well, they were crazy and had crazy commercials. Crazy Eddie went to jail, but that is another story. I guess he was crazy after all.

In the spirit of crazy, crazy, crazy low prices, the DealKing is going the search the net for the hottest deals, coupons and offers. I am then going to throw in some extra cash back on nearly every deal. Sometimes I am even going to go “insane” with what I offer. I may even bring a monkey into my office and have him pick out the deals.