Win stuff on Free and No Spam.

July 8, 2008

whogets.comIt seems that with every sweepstakes or giveaway site, there is a catch. You have to buy something or you are attacked with spam. With there is none of that. It is free and you will not receive spam. It is also a cool concept where the members vote on who gets the prize.

Charlotte Sub Deals

June 19, 2008

If you live in the South, you have heard of Harris Teeter. If not, Harris Teeter is a large grocery store chain. The stores are all almost brand new, very nice, and lately very expensive. They have a Harris Teeter on every corner here in Charlotte.

While Harris Teeter is not the place for great deals, they do have one of my favorite deals of all time. At their deli counter they have $1.49 subs that are nearly as good as Subway. They used to be 99 cents.

The deal is not at all Harris Teeters. The one that I go to is in Weddington, NC (13639 Providence Rd).

I often see people picking up 6 or more at a time.

Let me know if any other locations have the same $1.49 or $.99 deal.

Becoming a Super DealKing

June 16, 2008

You would think that once crowned DealKing, there wasn’t much room for improvement. What is better than King?

How about becoming a Super DealKing? That is our goal, but we need your help. We now have price comparison, more deals, and even more coupons. We have a list of over 200 improvements or brainstorm ideas that we are considering, but we need your help. How can we make better? What features should we add? Please send us a note with your ideas or make a comment here.