How to get the Best Deal on an AT&T Phone

June 30, 2008

This is clever. You can get an extra $120 to $200+ off most AT&T phones with a plan.

Here is how it works.

1) Register for free for (Free, no catch, and no spam).

2) Go to the AT&T Wireless Postpaid store. pays $70 cash back for AT&T Wireless phone purchases with a plan through the site. shares their commission with you.

3) Click through the $50 coupon link to go directly to the AT&T store, but make sure you are signed into DealKing. It will let you know.

4) Purchase nearly any phone with a plan. With the cash back and the $50 coupon link you are already up to $120.00 saved for 2 minutes of work.

5) There is more. Through 7/19/08 there is a rebate form that lists over 50 phones with additional rebates of up to $100. AT&T rebate form for a bunch of phones.

The rebate works for all of these phones:

$25 LG CG180

$20 Samsung A117


$150 PalmTreo 680NC

$10 Samsung A747 (SLM)

$20 Samsung A117
$10 Motorola Q9 Global
$150 PalmTreo 750
$10 SamsungA827 (Aces)
$50 Motorola RAZR2 V9
$150 PalmTreo 750NC
$10 SamsungBlackJack

$50 AT&T5700
$50 Motorola V365
$30 PantechC520 (Breeze)
$10 SamsungBlackJackI

$50 AT&T5700NC
$50 Motorola V3
$100 PantechDuo
$10 Sierra 875u+

$50 AT&T8525
$50 Motorola Z9
$50 RIM8820
$10 Sierra Aircard81+

$100 AT&T Tilt
$50 Nokia 655
$100 RIMCurve 8310
$10 Sierra AT&T USBConect81+

$100 AT&T Tilt NC
$10 OptionGTMAX 3.6+
$50 RIMPearl
$50 Sony EricssonW580i

$30 LG CE10
$10 OptionGTMAX 3.6Express+
$50 RIMPearl810
$50 Sony EricssonZ750

$50 LG CU515
$10 OptionGTUltra+
$30 Samsung A437

$75 LG CU720(Shine)
$10 OptionGTUltra Expres+
$50 Samsung A517

$100 LG CU915(Vu)
$10 Palm Centro
$50 Samsung A727

$100 LG CU920(VuTV)
$150 Palm Treo 680
$50 Samsung A737

Also you get an AT&T Go Phone – Prepaid – No Contract – FREE from

Best Hot Dog in Charlotte at the Famous Snapper Hot Dog Texas Wieners

June 27, 2008

Snapper Hot Dogs has the best hot Dogs in Charlotte.

If you have not tried (click through for the extra cash back and coupon codes), you have to check it out.

On, you can buy $25 restaurant dining certificates for $10 or $10 certificates for $3. On dealking, we usually have a 50% off or more code as well. I have often bought $25 certificates for $5. A friend of mine takes his family of five only to restaurants that are on

Click through dealking to, enter your zip code, and check out the restaurants that are available.

Some of the DealKing’s favorites in the Charlotte, NC area are Snapper Dogs, O’Shea’s Irish Pub, DD Pecker’s Wing Shack, Good Old Days Diner, Dilworth Neighborhood Grill, and Fuel Pizza. There are a ton, so happy fine and cheap dining.

You will not believe this deal. If you like it, you can buy me a beer because alcohol is not included : )

My family had a drinking problem

June 24, 2008

After spending about $70 of my grocery bill on Gatorade, bottled water, vitamin water, and diet coke, I realized that we had a problem. A few days later, I noticed powdered individual Gatorade packets listed at $4.96 for a packet of 8, which would probably be added to a bottle of water. Between the bottled water and the packet, a 12 oz. drink that you made yourself would cost over a dollar.

Something had to be done! So I wracked my brain.

How about filtering my own tap water? I heard rumors that much of the bottled water is just plain old filtered tap water. Could it possibly be true?

We have filtered water from our refrigerator, but that took too long to fill up larger containers so I considered an installed filtration system for the kitchen faucet. I decided that was too much work.

I simply bought a Brita Water Filtration Pitcher for $21.99 minus cash back. It works great. You can purchase three packs of filter replacements through Each filter lasts about 40 gallons, which makes the cost about seventeen cents per gallon for bottled water quality. There is even a site that tells you how to refill a disposable Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon to bring the cost done even more.

I bought a few nice new travel sports drink containers, a few new pitchers for the fridge, and some bulk drink mixes. The family has hardly even missed the bottle water and sports drinks. We even served iced tea and lemonade made from filtered water and powder to guests recently. What a shocker that we did not have a whole counter full of bottled drinks!

We are saving a ton of money and drinking more water. Let me know your thoughts on this. Especially suggest some good deals and ideas on the subject.

PS. The plastic used for the Brita Water filters appears to be safe. If you also upgrade all of your travel and home containers to safe plastic or stainless steel, you will reduce the chance of any plastic toxins leaching into your drinking water. There is yet another reason to do it yourself.

Charlotte Sub Deals

June 19, 2008

If you live in the South, you have heard of Harris Teeter. If not, Harris Teeter is a large grocery store chain. The stores are all almost brand new, very nice, and lately very expensive. They have a Harris Teeter on every corner here in Charlotte.

While Harris Teeter is not the place for great deals, they do have one of my favorite deals of all time. At their deli counter they have $1.49 subs that are nearly as good as Subway. They used to be 99 cents.

The deal is not at all Harris Teeters. The one that I go to is in Weddington, NC (13639 Providence Rd).

I often see people picking up 6 or more at a time.

Let me know if any other locations have the same $1.49 or $.99 deal.

Becoming a Super DealKing

June 16, 2008

You would think that once crowned DealKing, there wasn’t much room for improvement. What is better than King?

How about becoming a Super DealKing? That is our goal, but we need your help. We now have price comparison, more deals, and even more coupons. We have a list of over 200 improvements or brainstorm ideas that we are considering, but we need your help. How can we make better? What features should we add? Please send us a note with your ideas or make a comment here.

Come On Down, the Sales Manager has gone Crazy

June 15, 2008

Growing up I used to love the new car commercials where the dealership sales manager had gone crazy. They would say things like, “Come on down to Four Brothers Chevrolet because the Sales Manager has gone CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY.” They had monkeys, bulls, and goats on site to show how crazy low their prices were.

After college and when I was working in NYC, there was even an electronics chain called, “CrazyEddies“. You knew they had crazy low prices because well, they were crazy and had crazy commercials. Crazy Eddie went to jail, but that is another story. I guess he was crazy after all.

In the spirit of crazy, crazy, crazy low prices, the DealKing is going the search the net for the hottest deals, coupons and offers. I am then going to throw in some extra cash back on nearly every deal. Sometimes I am even going to go “insane” with what I offer. I may even bring a monkey into my office and have him pick out the deals.