Greenville Drive – Cool and Cheap Minor League Baseball Fun

July 7, 2008

Over the 4th of July weekend and on our way back to Charlotte from Atlanta, we stopped in Greenville for a Saturday night Greenville Drive Baseball game.

We arrived at the park about three hours early to check it out. We watched batting practice for a few minutes through the gates. We left the ball park to go down town for an hour, crossed over railroad tracks and noticed three old guys (70+) shagging batting practice balls over the right field fence so we decided to go join them.

They were not thrilled we joined them. I don’t think. Later, one nicely said that more balls fly into another area. We were not sure if he was being helpful or just wanting us to move to another area. We tried the other area and my son did get a ball.

HERE IS THE DEAL: The tickets were $5. The stadium was nice. There was a nice bar/restaurant just outside of it. It was a cool and cheap experience.

Charlotte Sub Deals

June 19, 2008

If you live in the South, you have heard of Harris Teeter. If not, Harris Teeter is a large grocery store chain. The stores are all almost brand new, very nice, and lately very expensive. They have a Harris Teeter on every corner here in Charlotte.

While Harris Teeter is not the place for great deals, they do have one of my favorite deals of all time. At their deli counter they have $1.49 subs that are nearly as good as Subway. They used to be 99 cents.

The deal is not at all Harris Teeters. The one that I go to is in Weddington, NC (13639 Providence Rd).

I often see people picking up 6 or more at a time.

Let me know if any other locations have the same $1.49 or $.99 deal.