Becoming a Super DealKing

June 16, 2008

You would think that once crowned DealKing, there wasn’t much room for improvement. What is better than King?

How about becoming a Super DealKing? That is our goal, but we need your help. We now have price comparison, more deals, and even more coupons. We have a list of over 200 improvements or brainstorm ideas that we are considering, but we need your help. How can we make better? What features should we add? Please send us a note with your ideas or make a comment here.

Come On Down, the Sales Manager has gone Crazy

June 15, 2008

Growing up I used to love the new car commercials where the dealership sales manager had gone crazy. They would say things like, “Come on down to Four Brothers Chevrolet because the Sales Manager has gone CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY.” They had monkeys, bulls, and goats on site to show how crazy low their prices were.

After college and when I was working in NYC, there was even an electronics chain called, “CrazyEddies“. You knew they had crazy low prices because well, they were crazy and had crazy commercials. Crazy Eddie went to jail, but that is another story. I guess he was crazy after all.

In the spirit of crazy, crazy, crazy low prices, the DealKing is going the search the net for the hottest deals, coupons and offers. I am then going to throw in some extra cash back on nearly every deal. Sometimes I am even going to go “insane” with what I offer. I may even bring a monkey into my office and have him pick out the deals.