How many T shirts does Digg have to sell to make $2 billion?

July 14, 2008

Can selling T shirts, dating services, and astrology net you $2 Billion? It just might do the trick for the owners of

I like to check out the headlines on a few times a week. It is a cool site and based on its Alexa ranking of 109 has a ton of traffic. I even enjoy the ads because most are from companies like busted tees or snorg tees that have hot chicks wearing funny t shirts. Today, there was even an ad from an astrologer called, “Bethea” and even more hot chicks hawking the dating site “”. I had to refresh a ton to find an ad from what I would call a main stream advertiser.

I recently read that google may be talking to the owners of about acquiring them. They estimated the value of digg at $2 Billion. It would seem they would have to be selling a ton of T shirts to make the site so valuable. However, I have yet to see a person actually wearing one of those hilarious and often sexy BustedTee Shirts. Maybe it is just me.

For you accountants, I do realize they actually don’t sell the t shirts themselves and make money on the ads, but brother, they have to be selling something to be worth that.