Deal on the new T-Mobile At Home Phone Service for new or existing customers

July 10, 2008

T mobile Deals

The new Tmobile @home or athome internet phone service seems to be a great deal for $10 per month.

Unlike competitors, the $10 per month is not an introductory price. It costs less than half the price of comparable “digital” phone plans from Vonage, AT&T and Verizon. All charge close to $25.00 per month or more.

To qualify for the home plan, customers have to have a T-Mobile cell phone package of at least $39.99.

The T-Mobile plan requires you to have a broadband Internet connection for it to work.

The new T-Mobile service also requires a wireless router. If you commit to a two-year contract with the company. They will sell you a router for $50.


1) Sign-up for a new T mobile $39.99+ contract on a two-year agreement through and get $50 cash back. Be sure to search the T mobile store for more deals and coupons.

2) Sign-up for T mobile at home service. Send us at DealKing, a copy of your new at home service order and we will e-mail you a $20 international phonecard that can be used to make a ton of domestic or international calls. In order to qualify for the $20 phonecard, you must have qualified for the $50 cash back. The phonecard and the $50 cash back are through

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T mobile Deals